Movement of the month: August

Beginner or improver? Would you like to add a new move to your routine? Join one of our Coaches at 9am or 7pm, seven days a week, to find out more about our movement of the month. This month is: the Lunge.

The Lunge

The lunge is a leg dominant exercise which also incorporates the abdominal muscles. The lunge is a great exercise for improving range of movement, balance size, and strength.


  • Improves core stability which is essential for balance and everyday life
  • Boosts a wider range of flexibility in the hips
  • Promotes high glute activation which is good for toning and strength
  • Great for fat burning



Weighted lunges: The weight can be added either by holding dumbbells or having a barbell across your back. By adding more weight, you put your muscles under more load which is essential for building strength and size.

Plyo lunges: This is a higher intensity variation of the lunge. This involves jumping and switching legs between each repetition. It is a great way to improve power, muscular endurance, toning up and burning fat. It will also increase the heart rate.