Healthy Posture, Healthy Mind

By Ben Saunder



Your posture is key to physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Your body holds all your life experiences, positive and negative, and muscular imbalances aside, this is why you carry yourself the way you do. By adopting good posture you will not only have more energy and be more efficient with it, you will experience less aches and pains and be more resilient to emotional stress.




What if we didn’t need to change our state of mind to change our body language?

What if we could change our body language which as a result changes our state of mind?

Have you ever seen someone with their head down, shoulders rolled forward and slumped over as if gravity was sucking the life out of them. Then once they drag their eyes up to acknowledge you, they greet you with utter excitement and joy? Of course not, it just doesn’t happen.



The effect of being slumped over when you’re feeling down is that you’re putting more stress on your spine which as a result will leave you feeling more tired. By simply sitting upright or standing straight you will relieve this pressure and feel as though you will have more energy. Experiments have shown that people who made these changes to their posture felt more alert and reported less anxiety.


So what does a good posture look like?posture-health


  • Through the lobe of the ear
  • Through the shoulder joint


  • Slightly posterior (back) of the hip
  • Slightly anterior (forward) to the knee
  • Slightly anterior (forward) to the ankle



You can correct your posture and change your life! Awareness is a key and training turns it.