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Break The Boundary

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Cricket, Coaching and Business with Tom Scollay

Thursday 30th May, 6pm, £10 per person

Tom played for Middlesex Cricket Club from 2010-2012 and has played alongside some of the world’s best cricketers. Inspired by his love of the sport, Tom Scollay founded Cricket Mentoring in 2016. Based in Perth, Australia, Cricket Mentoring has supported and inspired cricketers around the world through innovative use of social media.


Dedicated to coaching and mentoring athletes, Tom travels around the world using his experience and love of the game to help cricketers improve their technique, tactics, mental, emotional and physical health, and balance their lifestyle. He also supports other organisations to improve their digital approach. Tom’s career experiences offer valuable lessons and insights to everyone, regardless of your cricket-expertise.

So join Tom at Combe Grove as he discusses his coaching career, the qualities that make a good coach, and how you can establish your own business. If you are interested in attending this event then call us on 01225 834 644  or alternatively send an email using the link below.

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