Our Suppliers

We choose our suppliers carefully, making sure all our produce is grown, bred, raised, or harvested in the most sustainable and ethical way.

Castle Farm Organics 2.9 miles

The fruit and vegetables supplied by Castle Farm Organics are guaranteed to be tasty and natural. The farm has been organic since 2000 and uses no chemicals, artificial fertilisers or GM crops.

Eades Greengrocers 3.7 miles

An independent, family-run shop, Eades Greengrocers supplies us with fresh fruit and vegetables such as pineapple, strawberries, tender stem broccoli and mixed leaves.

Woolley Park Farm 5.6 miles

The poultry bred by Woolley Park Farm are free-range, and live in small flocks free to roam the farm in search of insects to supplement their corn-based diet.

Ivy House Farm 8.5 miles

The Bowles family-run dairy farm in Beckington is home to over 120 Jersey cows. The milk, cream and butter are processed on site and provide us with good, old-fashioned non-homogenised, organic milk.

La Chasse 22.2 miles

La Chasse is a family-run hunter-gathering business, which works with local suppliers across the West Country to bring us locally reared or grown produce.

The Severn Project 41 miles

A West Country charity committed to empowering underprivileged individuals and communities through growing organic salad leaves and herbs. The Severn Project only distributes locally to ensure a low carbon footprint and fresh ingredients.

Pukka Herbs 44 miles

Bristol-based Pukka Herbs supplies us with certified organic, ethically sourced herbal teas including earl grey, Rooibos and honeybush, all blended using the highest quality herbs which are rich in natural oils.

Homewood Cheeses 45 miles

Homewood hand-make their cheeses, including halloumi and ricotta, using ewe’s milk from two Somerset flocks in the Chew Valley.

Flying Fish Seafoods 179 miles

Flying Fish have been supplying sustainably caught Cornish fish to chefs across the UK since 2006. The company encourages its fisherman to make ethical choices to help protect the oceans. Flying Fish are setting up an apprenticeship scheme for local people and educate local schoolchildren about seafood.

Hodmedod’s 236 miles

Hodmedod is an East Anglian dialect word and represents a nod to the founders’ East Anglian background. In Norfolk it means Hedgehog while in Suffolk it refers to a snail. Founded in 2012, the company supplies us with British-grown beans including the fava bean and black badger peas.