Tennis Club Bath

The Club at Combe Grove has fantastic flood-lit indoor and outdoor facilities, which provide high-quality tennis all year round. As a low-impact sport, tennis has many health benefits including improving strength and flexibility, lowering blood pressure and is even thought to benefit your mental alertness.

Join the Club’s thriving and friendly tennis community, improve your game technique and play in support of your health and wellbeing.

Tennis is a sport that can be picked up at any age; whether you have been playing for life, or are just starting now, we offer professional coaching with tennis pro and coach, Craig Hiscott.

Holding 27 years of experience as a professional coach, Craig Hiscott has been with Combe Grove for 20 years. As a player himself, Craig has represented the county as a junior, senior and veteran tennis player, coached players to county and national titles as well as being a ‘hitter’ for world ranked juniors.



  • 9-10am – running drills. Get fit and practice your game. All abilities welcome.
  • 10-11 am – drills and point play
  • 11am-12pm – fun drills and point play. A great session if your getting back into tennis.


  • 9.30-11am – ladies drills. A good level for league players.
  • 11am-12pm – drills. Perfect for players looking to work hard.


  • 9.30-10.30am – drills. A fun session for players looking to improve technique.


  • 11am-12pm – drills and technique
  • 5.30-7pm – drills. A good, hard hitting group


  • 9.30-11am – ladies drills. Improve your technique and stamina with long rallies and point play.
  • 12-1pm – ladies drills. This hard working group will really improve your game.


  • 9.30-11am – ladies drills. This group is for league players looking to work hard.
  • 1.30-3pm – men’s drills. A great workout incorporating tactics and technique.

To enquire about Tennis sessions, please contact Craig on 07974658566 or book the use of the tennis courts, visit the booking page. To explore other wellness activities, visit our facilities page.