Our vibrant running club is open to any Combe Grove member who would like to join. Our mantra is, if you want to run you can run.

Sue and Ray Brigden set up the Combe Grove Running Club ten years ago and regular meetings still take place every Thursday morning. Thanks to their hard work and commitment around 25 club members regularly take part in the weekly training.

There may be times when you don’t want to leave a nice warm bed to go out running, but once you get to Combe Grove and get out in the fresh air, it’s the perfect wake up.

Sue explains what a newcomer to the group can expect.

“The key thing is that we train, rather than go out on a route. The first Thursday of every month is our timed mile, and we provide different sessions and coaching each week. We set milestones and have prizes for things like ‘most improved’ and ‘biggest achievement’ so there’s lots of support if you’re new to the club.”

Our running club is about more than training. There’s a big social aspect too.

“We all stay for coffee and cake afterward. We’re all different ages and come from different backgrounds, but running creates a level playing field. There’s a great deal of empathy, support and friendship between us, and we’ve all got behind fundraising for shared causes, including marathons & 10Ks, which has created some wonderful bonds.”