While we enter a period of rest here at Combe Grove, our Estate Team and valued apprentices are being supported with their studies at home and the Estate Manager will be working to ensure our beautiful 64 acre woodland Estate continues its gentle transformation into a centre for ecological biodiversity, sustainability and wellness.

As we answer the government’s request in support of our essential services, to keep social contact to a minimum, we enter a spell of hibernation.  Our valued members and loyal friends are supporting us wholeheartedly in our endeavours to prioritise the wellness of the Team, guests and visitors to Combe Grove.

We shall continue to share our story both here and our social media channels, especially as the Estate springs to life in the coming weeks.  Please do check in and follow progress.  In the meantime we urge you to respect personal space, be kind to yourself and your loved ones and to allow yourself space to breathe. The whole team look forward to welcoming you back to Combe Grove soon.