We continue our hibernation here at Combe Grove and we feel hugely privileged to watch the spring unfold across The Estate.  The Manor House waits patiently on the hill, gazing out over the Limpley Stoke valley, the scent of lilac in the air, the soaring and diving of buzzards punctuating the days as they lengthen into summer.  Before our very eyes, the landscape is changing, the woodland transforming from budding branches to a canopy of verdant green. Wildflowers are beginning to populate the meadow in front of Garden Lodge, which will soon sway in the breeze, gently attracting the attention of resident pollinators.

As news emerges around the steps we collectively must to take to tentatively and responsibly unfurl from lockdown, our team are focusing their attention on creating a safe space for you to share and enjoy, as soon as government guidance allows.

In the meantime, we shall continue to share the natural beauty of Combe Grove’s beautiful setting on our social media channels, as we work towards becoming a centre for biodiversity, wellness and nourishment for our Members, staying guests and visitors.  We look forward to welcoming you back to Combe Grove soon.

22nd March 2020