The art of self-care

A ritual is an action done with intention and with a purpose beyond the scope of the action itself. The intention behind self-care rituals is to prioritise yourself at that moment. Give all the attention to yourself, connect deeply to your breath and the rhythm of your body.

I am a mother, work full-time, make breakfast, lunch boxes, help with homework, do school runs and manage a dozen WhatsApp groups to organise my son’s life. My morning rituals are the roots to my day, they are super easy to integrate and are a lifesaver. Believe me, you can do this too- they are a gift to yourself because you deserve it! I hope my personal morning rituals will inspire you to upgrade your own wellbeing and find rituals that work for you.


  • Before getting up I meditate in bed to the simple mantra: I AM PEACE. I breathe in, visualising light going into every cell of my body, quietly saying I AM, then I breath out relaxing into this light, quietly saying PEACE. If I have enough energy I even get up for it, light a candle and incense.
  • I drink one litre of water with fresh lime and aloe vera juice the moment I get out of bed, which is great for the liver. Whilst drinking, I connect to the plant kingdom, feeling gratitude for the abundant medicine it offers.
  • Two of my favourite things in the morning are dry body brushing and hot and cold showers! I highly recommend you familiarise yourself with it and give it a go. (We will start body brushing here at Combe Grove soon, so watch this space).

Space to breathe
As a wellness manager at Combe Grove, I feel passionate about creating a relaxing and nurturing space. The greatest gift we have here is our land. Science is slowly catching up with the intuitive wisdom of our body: your physical, emotional and spiritual connection to nature is the key to your wellbeing.

We have recently introduced outdoor yoga and a weekly wellness walk. The feedback has been amazing!  Remember all classes are free for our members and guests.

Mind body sprit relaxation

Nothing beats a deeply nurturing massage, falling into deep relaxation and simply receiving. I love all of our new treatments. They are designed to not just work with your body but also calm your nervous system and work with all your senses. We use Made for Life Organics products which stand for a pure and clean way of life. From the beginning, every single product has been made by hand in Cornwall using herbs, flowers, and pure oils.

My favourite summer treatment is the Crystal Facial. The coolness of the rose quartz, Gua Sha, the deep work on the Tsubo Points and the aromas leave me with an inner smile and glow every time I receive it. Members Monday is still on…spoil yourself and enjoy!

Wishing you a grounded and peaceful start into the new school year- enjoy watching your children and grandchildren exploring life and growing into the amazing people they came here to be!

By Julia Jeremiah
Wellness Manager