Prometheus, a new strategy game

A bit about Chris

Christopher Curtis is a local inventor and former teacher who has been a member of our club at Combe Grove for many years. Chris imagined how play pieces could move dynamically around an eight by eight play surface based on the number of corners of three types of Geometric shapes and created the game ‘Prometheus’.

You may have noticed some movie shooting at Combe Grove around 6 months ago by the internationally acclaimed film maker Adam Gichie. As a thank you for this, Combe Grove has been gifted a brand new set of Prometheus, which will be kept in the Lounge and is free to use.

The game

Prometheus is generating interest from people of all ages and backgrounds, is easy to learn and enjoyable to play. No two games are the same and the game is quicker and more enjoyable for many than chess.

“Playing Prometheus has shown to be a great way of bringing people together and away from their smart phone technologies in an imaginative and pro-social way. There has been great interest in the game from all around the world.”

Further information can be found on the Prometheus website at The movie can also be found on Youtube by typing Prometheus Board Game.

Please contact Christopher on 07841 840501 for more information.