New Apprentices

Last week we had an induction day for nine of our new Apprentices at Combe Grove. From sharing our vision and plans, to holding demonstrations from different teams, it was a rewarding day all round. We can’t wait to see the Apprentices learn and progress in their chosen paths!

We have spoken with a couple of our new Apprentices…

Amy has just joined our Finance team. She loves going to the gym and listening to music. During her first week at Combe Grove she was definitely thrown into the deep end! She showed that she is a very fast learner and her Managers have already commended her for both her helpfulness and intelligence.

Emma has just joined our Sales team. She has a great passion for makeup and beauty, and is very interested in the health and wellness strategy at Combe Grove. She will be a great addition to our team and we have already seen her taking initiative when making Sales calls!