Beyond mindfulness

Mindfulness –  it’s easy to neglect thinking about your state of mind, but all health gurus will tell you that stopping and paying some attention to your own thoughts and feelings – and to the world around you – can hugely improve your wellbeing.

At Combe Grove we can plan a fitness programme & support your training, and now we can help you understand the benefits of Mindfulness too.

We are privileged to be working with Linda Blair, a mindfulness expert, Clinical Psychologist and a weekly columnist for the Daily Telegraph. Linda recently authored “The key to calm, your path to mindfulness” and is in great demand as a speaker on the subject, so we are incredibly excited that she will be running a series of workshops here at Combe Grove throughout 2017.

Sessions will begin in January and run monthly. In each one Linda will guide the group through a different subject area, demystifying the practice of Mindfulness and encouraging a holistic approach to wellbeing. Her course is designed to help manage the ever-increasing demands of today’s hectic lifestyles and to help you unlock the key to calm for a more balanced and fulfilling state of mind.