Modern Souvenir at Combe Grove

You may have spotted a special guest who came to stay at Combe Grove as part of her 200th anniversary celebration. The gilded bust of Jane Austen, who resided in the lounge last month, has now departed for the Guildhall where she will attend a ball in her honour. In her place, stand five beautiful models of famous buildings from the exhibition, “From Rome to the Royal Crescent”, a celebratory exhibition for the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Crescent.

The exhibition showcases the classical architecture of Rome, the Renaissance and the British architecture of the 18th century. Created by award-winning craftsman, Timothy Richards of the Modern Souvenir Company, each model is handmade and intricately detailed.

We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to exhibit some of the models here at Combe Grove.

Head through reception to the hall and you’ll find the magnificent Pantheon of Rome in pride of place. It is overlooked in the same room by Mansion House and Villa Saraceno. You’ll spot a couple more famous buildings throughout the Manor House as you walk around, so keep an eye out!

We also have a small selection of souvenirs of Bath now available to purchase from the Manor House reception; from busts of famous British faces, bookends and small models of Bath landmarks. We’re sure you’ll find something to remind you of your visit to Bath.

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