Giving back this Christmas

As we sit down with family and friends this Christmas, there will be some who don’t have anyone to celebrate with. They will be seeking refuge from the cold weather in a night shelter or homeless support centre.

There are many people who volunteer their time during this season in an effort to make Christmas more enjoyable for those who do not have much. A member of our breakfast team, Anna, is one of these people. Each year Anna visits the Julian Trust night shelter in St Pauls, Bristol and offers haircuts to people who don’t have a home.

Last year Anna gave 18 haircuts, others donate their time to share different skills and hobbies, such as crafts and card games. These volunteers all take the opportunity to brighten someone’s day and spread some Christmas cheer at a time of year that can be very lonely if you don’t have a family or home.

Find out more about how these organisations are making a difference here.