Our Suppliers

In our aim to become as sustainable as possible we choose our suppliers carefully. Whatever we source, we try to make sure it is bred, raised or harvested in the most sustainable and ethical way and we are lucky in Somerset to be surrounded by so many like-minded people. Whether it be organic salad and herb growers like The Severn Project in Bristol or The Bath Farm Girls who grow quinoa nearby, we are always seeking out the best.

Castle Farm Organics – 2.9 Miles

Organic food is great for the world and great for your body. Castle Farm Organic’s produce contain no chemicals, artificial fertilisers or genetic modification; it is guaranteed that the fruit and vegetables we put on your plates is tasty and natural. This is important to us on our mission to put health and wellbeing at the heart of Combe Grove.

The Bertinet Bakery – 3.5 Miles

Baker extraordinaire Richard Bertinet has over twenty years of experience in his craft. His bakery only use the best fresh, wholesome ingredients, made with traditional techniques and no preservatives.  Our sourdough bread is freshly delivered each day and served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Larkhall Butchers – 3.6 Miles

Bath Good Food Award winner, Larkhall Butchers supply us with high quality, free range, locally sourced poultry, meats and game.

Eades Greengrocers – 3.7 Miles

Eades Greengrocers is an independent, family-run shop in which we source some of our fresh fruit such as pineapple and strawberries and vegetables and salad ingredients like tenderstem broccoli, and carrots, red onion and mixed leaves.

Woolley Park Farm – 5.6 Miles

At Woolley Pak Farm, the health and happiness of their poultry always comes first. The birds live a healthy and stress-free life and are all free-range which means they can explore lots of different terrains and find different insects, to supplement their corn-based diet.

The Bath Farm Girls – 7.9 Miles

Bath Farm Girls was founded by Emily Addicott Sauvao and her two daughters and ‘taste-testers’ Rosa and Charlotte. They grow Peruvian quinoa on their family farm just outside of Bath and were recently finalists in the Bath Life Awards 2017.
The quinoa that The Bath Farm Girls grow is pesticide free and can be used for all sorts of things, from banana and blueberry pancakes to savoury quinoa cups.  Quinoa is a great source of oleic acid, omega-3 and alpha-linolenic acids and is great for encouraging a healthy gut.

Ivy House Farm – 8.5 Miles

Located in Beckington, this dairy farm is run by the Bowles family and is home to over 120 Jersey cows. Ivy House Farm takes care of all the processing of their milk, creams and butter on site and provide us with good, old-fashioned unhomogenised,  organic milk which we use for our teas and coffees.

La Chasse – 22.2 Miles

As the name suggests, La Chasse is a family run hunter-gathering business who work with local suppliers across the West Country to bring us locally reared or grown produce.

The Severn Project – 41 Miles

The Severn Project is a West Country charity committed to empowering underprivileged individuals and communities through growing organic salad leaves and herbs. Everything that they grow follows organic principles; avoiding pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers, ensuring we receive the tastiest salad and herbs possible. They only distribute locally too, so they ensure a low carbon footprint and fresh ingredients!

Pukka Herbs – 44 Miles

Pukka Herbs is based in Bristol and supply us with certified organic, ethically-sourced herbal teas that lift, sooth and refresh. Their teas are blended using the highest quality herbs which are rich in natural oils, and on our menu, you can find earl grey, rooibos and honeybush and an after dinner tea, a perfect alternative to coffee after a meal.

Homewood Cheeses – 45 Miles

Not far from Combe Grove is the beautiful Chew Valley, where Homewood hand-make cheeses with ewe’s milk from two Somerset flocks. Including, Halloumi, Ricotta, a feta-style cheese and curd cheeses.

Flying Fish – 179 Miles

Since 2006 Flying Fish have been supplying sustainably caught Cornish fish to chefs across the UK, taking into account what is in season and the environmental and oceanographic factors too. They encourage all of their fisherman to make ethical choices to help protect the oceans, and educate children at local schools about where seafood comes from. Flying Fish are setting up an apprenticeship scheme for local people and are committed to equipping their team with lots of other qualifications.

Hodmedods – 236 Miles

Founded in 2012, Hodmedod’s takes its name from the East Anglian dialect for a Hedgehog (Norfolk) or a snail (Suffolk), a nod to the founders’ East Anglian backgrounds and heritage. Supplying an array of beans from British farms, including the lesser-known fava bean and black badger peas.