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Wattbikes are the next generation of indoor cycling. Suitable for all fitness and ability levels, whether you are new, returning to exercise or a professional cyclist a Wattbike is perfect for you. Wattbike is ideal for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions, recovery rides, testing and everything in between. Whilst in a group setting Wattbike Power Cycling enables every rider to follow the same session in their own training zones, ensuring every revolution in every session is at the right intensity.

We will be planning an exciting range of classes, linking the bikes together to create a unique group cycling experience as well as offering tailor-made individual training sessions.

About Wattbikes

Developed over seven years in partnership with British Cycling, the Wattbike is the world’s first affordable indoor bike that feels like riding a real bike, provides scientifically accurate training data and when coupled with the free ground-breaking software, becomes an incredible analysis tool for elite athletes and home users alike.

Launched in 2008, the Wattbike was signed off by the English Institute of Sport as being accurate, and is now fully endorsed by British Cycling. The Wattbike is integrated in to the British Cycling Whole Sport Plan at all levels from performance through to participation and talent identification.

The Wattbike can be used by everyone including children for rehabilitation, general fitness, high level training, scientific testing, cross-training and even racing.

The Wattbike features the unique ‘Polar Display’ that provides immediate feedback on the cyclist’s technique on the in-built Performance Computer. All bikes are factory calibrated identically, allowing them to be linked together for accurate racing. It delivers a new level of depth and accuracy of data all of which can be viewed in real time and saved for later analysis in Wattbike Expert software.

At one extreme, it is an exercise bike, and at the other, it’s a highly sophisticated sports science analysis bike, making it suitable for everyone from recreational cyclists through to Olympic champions.

The Wattbike provides safe, 24/7 gym use and can be used for group exercise or competitions in gyms across the UK. It is also available to buy for the home and offers more than any turbo trainer or upright bike.

Beyond cycling, the Wattbike has broader appeal. It is a superb cross-training and talent ID tool for a wide range of sports that want a high quality training alternative. It is currently being used by several professional Football Clubs and Rugby League Clubs. The Wattbike has been adopted by Strength and Conditioning coaches working at English Institute of Sport centres with athletes from varying disciplines including canoe slalom, decathlon, middle distance running and rowing.

The Wattbike is simply the most advanced, scientifically accurate, simple to use training bike in the World.

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