The word ‘yoga’ originates from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ meaning to yoke together; in class we work to unite our breath, our movements and our focus.

We work with postures or ‘asanas’ to strengthen and to enhance flexibility whilst paying attention to alignment and modifications so that we adapt the yoga to our bodies and not our bodies to the yoga. We pay attention to the breath which can both calm and free up tension.

We aim to increase our focus and awareness which can help concentration, aid in managing stress and help us to become more grounded and feel better in ourselves.


This gentle yoga class is great for your wellbeing, posture, body alignment and joints. Yoga is also a great class to de-stress and find a relaxing place of Zen. Find your inner peace at a Yoga class.


Angela Roberts

Studio Instructor

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Mirella Lamarina


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Christian Henwood

Christian Henwood


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One-to-one Yoga

When yoga gets personal

Yoga is great for improving your overall wellbeing, including strengthening, toning and flexibility. It’s also a great way to de-stress and find your inner peace. Our group yoga classes at Combe Grove are loved by many members, and we’re very pleased to offer one to one yoga sessions with Annie Hernon.

Annie first fell in love with yoga whilst travelling in Asia, and over the last 10 years has developed a fluid, creative style of teaching, specializing in Led Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga in her weekly classes. She has taught clients privately for many years and thrives on the personal & intense nature of this one to one work.

Whatever your level of experience, Annie can tailor a private session to suit your needs, helping to grow confidence, improve posture and deepen adjustments with greater guidance and support. These personal sessions also work incredibly well for people with injuries, as there is more time to focus on individual alignments specific to your body and healing process.

Members can book an hour-long session with Annie for £55, or an hour and a half for £65.

Non-members are also welcome to book a session for £70. Get in touch to book on 01225 838680/ or ask at reception.